Port Neal Station, Iowa

Scope of Work:

Catastrophic Clean-Up & Debris Removal

Contract Value:

$5 Million


December 1994


Terra Chemicals

An explosion occurred in an anhydrous ammonia plant of Terra Chemical at Port Neal Station, Iowa, leveling a seven story building and damaging numerous other buildings, pipes, and tank vessels. Immediately after the explosion, ESA’s crews mobilized for a major asbestos and contaminated soil cleanup; over 100 workers were deployed to the site in a matter of hours. Asbestos debris was scattered over a wide area. Large quantities of contaminated soil were removed, containerized, and transported to an EPA approved landfill. Frigid temperatures and constant snowfall made it difficult to keep asbestos fiber counts at an acceptable level. Biodegradable antifreeze had to be added to all water to allow asbestos to be removed in a wet condition, and grounds had to be covered with plastic so that snowfall wouldn’t cover asbestos debris. During the course of the project over 454 tons of asbestos contaminated soils were safely disposed of. This project is an example of ESA’s ability to react quickly and professionally in order to provide creative solutions to a difficult situation.