Denver, CO

Scope of Work:

Asbestos Abatement, Hydro Blasting

Contract Value:



Jan 2015 – April 2015


White Construction Group

ESA was contracted to perform interior abatement and demolition on the former Stanley Aviation Manufacturing Plant under an EPA grant. This project included abatement under containment of all tile, mastic, pipe, pipe fittings, asbestos drywall, and fire brick. The demolition scope included saw cutting all new window and door openings as well as demolition of all the floor around the existing openings to allow for installation of oversized archways and porticos. All exterior block filler was abated and demolished under containment. 40,000 square feet of asbestos asphalt was removed from the existing parking lot and transported to the appropriate landfill. Finally, ESA demolished all the existing small buildings on the site.

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