Denver, CO

Scope of Work:

Soil Remediation, Water Remediation

Contract Value:

$2 Million


September 2016 – March 2017


City and County of Denver / ECI Site Construction

ESA is known for its ability to perform turnkey water and soil remediation work. On this high-profile project, ESA worked with ECI Site Construction and the City and County of Denver to dewater a section of the Platte River in Downtown Denver to perform water filtration for the excavation and removal of a discovered coal tar vein. ESA performed the dewatering and filtration of over 40 million gallons of contaminated water. As the site dried out, ESA was able to perform remediation on the coal tar under the bed of the Platte. ESA continued to perform dewatering and water remediation services as the Kayak park was built by ECI.