Lincoln, Nebraska

Scope of Work:

Asbestos Abatement, Demolition

Contract Value:

Over $3 million


June 2013 – August 2015


Bulington Northern Santa Fe

ESA was selected to perform the full abatement of a 25,000 square feet vertical wall with asbestos containing coating and complete demolition of the exterior plaster wall. A challenging component to this project was the necessity of the repair shop to remain occupied and fully operational during all asbestos abatement and demolition. To respond to this requirement, ESA erected a 45-foot temporary enclosure along the interior of the building which allowed for segregation of the work area during abatement and demolition activities. ESA was able to remove all asbestos coatings in an open-air atmosphere utilizing our high-pressure spin-jet and vac-system, and achieved all asbestos abatement with zero emissions. Once abatement was complete, ESA proceeded to demolish the clean walls. At the conclusion of demolition, a new permanent exterior wall was constructed and ESA removed the temporary enclosure.