Abatement | Demolition | Contaminated Soils
Scope of Work: Soil Remediation
Contract Value: $2.955 million Date: July 2013 - Aug 2013 Client: City and County of Denver

32nd and Syracuse St. and Stone House Farms

Denver, CO

For the past decade, ESA has performed over $20 million of asbestos abatement, demolition and soil remediation as part of the former Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment Project. ESA was selected by the City and County of Denver for this work. The project included the excavation, hauling, and disposal of approximately 30,000 yards of non-hazardous and asbestos-contaminated landfill material. Once work was complete, the site was backfilled and compacted. As part of this contract, ESA was responsible for the asbestos removal and demolition of 43 abandoned farm houses, including all associated out buildings on the properties.