Hydro-Blasting & Spin-Jet Coating Removal

One of ESA’s unique capabilities is our high pressure hydro-blasting system. We are one of the few companies in the country with this equipment and expertise. High pressure hydro-blasting cleans, strips, and removes materials in a highly efficient, emiss on free method.

Hydro blasting works like a a power washer that is contained in a housing the size of a large lawnmower. It blasts the surface with a high pressure spinning water stream. The water is immediately sucked back into the Vac system so the surface is not only clean and free of the original asbestos, lead or other coating, but is completely dry.

The Ultra High Pressure (up to 40,000 PSI) Water Blasting “Spin-Jet” coating removal process uses a self-contained Vac Loader unit that creates its own negative pressure within the housing. The vacuum-assisted housing is where the spinning bar, made up of several nozzles, impacts the coating. All debris is removed with a vacuum hose connected to a vacuum box attached to the Vac Loader. The result is an emission free system that leaves a clean, dry surface.

The only waste generated is the coating and minimal residual water which is filtered and can be disposed of safely. ESA uses this process for coatings containing lead, asbestos and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

This process can be used on floors, ceilings, walls, stacks, ships, runways and
most any accessible surface.

40,000 PSI Ultra High Pressure
Water Blasting “Spin-Jet” system.