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An asbestos-riddled former Target store is transformed into a beautiful housing property in Lakewood, Colorado, through a public-private partnership.

Brinkmann finally turned to a Commerce City, Colorado, firm that founded its professional reputation on asbestos abatement in 1982. Earth Services & Abatement Inc. (ESA) would tackle the critical job of abating the site of asbestos, demolishing the ramshackle building, and restoring the land’s viability for new use. “The Westlink job was certainly in our wheelhouse, as complicated asbestos abatement with a demolition component is the foundation of our business,” ESA President Kory Mitchell explains.

To successfully complete the $1.2 million job, ESA collaborated with the CDPHE and SJR Environmental Consulting to develop an extensive work plan that involved a technical abatement method, Mitchell says. “This project was a perfect fit for our company because it had challenging abatement requirements, challenging demolition needs and a challenging schedule,” Mitchell says. “We have a unique team and all the necessary resources to handle these types of jobs.” ESA owns an entire fleet of heavy equipment, which allows the firm to self-perform all aspects of the job. Because asbestos was present on both sides of the block, ESA had to think outside the box of typical abatement measures. Pioneering a unique approach of demolishing block from inside the structure through the use of an excavator inside the containment, crews accomplished the daunting job of safely abating the structure without the potential of contamination or debris polluting nearby areas.

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